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84 Tigers' Debut Album Out October 21st! New Song and Pre-Orders Available Now! May 12, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that 84 Tigers’ debut album Time in the Lighthouse will be available everywhere on October 21st! Listen to the premiere of the new song “Great Basin” at BrooklynVegan and pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl or as part of an exclusive bundle that includes a t-shirt, Oxford pennant, and an 84 Tigers x Spartan Records coffee collaboration with Rootless Coffee Co.

New Rip Room Single "Dead When It Started" Premiering Now at Post Trash May 11, 2022

Rip Room’s debut album Alight and Resound comes out in just over two weeks! We’re stoked to team up with Post Trash to premiere the new song “Dead When It Started.” Some highlights:

• Rip Room trade between muscle and melody, dexterity and wonkiness
• Rip Room play post-hardcore music with an air of art pop exuberance
• Rip Room’s songs are tightly wound and serrated at the edges
• The new single bounces with a circular post-punk guitar groove reminiscent of the Devo classic “Girl U Want”

If that’s not enough, the song also features drummer Gracie Malley pounding away on a car fender with a hammer! Take a listen and get an instant download of four songs now when you pre-order the record on mind-boggling limited edition vinyl.

New Mountain Time Single "Meet The Kid" Available Now May 6, 2022

Mountain Time's new single “Meet The Kid” is streaming everywhere now! The song is a joyous Kinks-ian romp through the kaleidoscopic visions of lead-provocateur Chris Simpson’s mind and pen. The scene opens under a Big Top and proceeds through a vast cornucopia of dioramas (from the crush of middle school hallways to the Christmas markets of Old Berlin; past angel choirs, Siren Songs of soul-stealing thieves, and peril at sea) all in search of an elusive Golden Child, who isn’t paralyzed with fear or uncertainty at the weight of it all. In the end it’s never clear if the “kid” in question is the narrator himself or a symbol of the Seeker in us all, but the ride is thrilling, and the invitation to communion feels warm and ecstatic. Enjoy and stay tuned for more info about a brand new album soon!

Welcome Pohgoh to the Spartan Family! New Album "du und ich" Out This Fall! May 3, 2022

Please welcome Florida indie/emo heroes Pohgoh to the Spartan Family! The new J. Robbins produced album du und ich is the foursome’s most ambitious outing yet, a confident, eclectic release that showcases the band’s strengths in a bright new light. It’s more than another great album; it’s a collective anthem of survival, a refutation of all that would break us down. Look for it everywhere this fall and stay tuned for more news and music in the months to come!

Watch Unwed Sailor Perform "The House of Hopes" (Live from CommVess) April 19, 2022

Unwed Sailor's The Faithful Anchor (20th Anniversary Edition) vinyl has finally shipped and to celebrate, we’re excited to share a live performance of “The House of Hopes” from the band’s new Live at CommVess EP. Grab a copy of the newly remastered The Faithful Anchor on limited edition vinyl and Live at CommVess on yellow cassette in the Spartan store while they're still around.

Rip Room's New Single "Loose Ends" Premiering at Consequence April 13, 2022

Rip Room's new single "Loose Ends" is premiering today exclusively at Consequence and it...is...awesome! The band's brand of art rock meets post punk has drawn comparisons to Gang of Four, Unwound, Talking Heads, Hüsker Dü, Sleater-Kinney, and Fugazi, among others. Listen for yourself and get an instant download of three songs when you pre-order the band's debut album Alight and Resound on three different absolutely mind-blowing vinyl variants. Look for it everywhere on May 27th!

Welcome 84 Tigers to the Spartan Family! Debut Album Out This Fall April 12, 2022

Spartan Records proudly introduces 84 Tigers, a new project from Michigan punk/post-hardcore mainstays Mike and Ben Reed and Jono Diener. After nearly two decades of perennial touring and releases with their previous critically-adored outfits, Small Brown Bike and The Swellers, 84 Tigers has emerged as the musicians' new platform for both collaboration and performance. The demoing process began in early 2021 based on song ideas Mike had been working on through the COVID quarantine in 2020. In October 2021, after months of preparation, the band recorded 10 songs with Marc Jacob Hudson (Against Me!, Taking Back Sunday) at Rancho Recordo in Michigan. The first single, "Kingdom of One," debuted to widespread acclaim on BrooklynVegan, laying the anticipatory groundwork for the release of the full-length LP this fall. Catch the band on tour with The Casket Lottery this June and stay tuned for more new music and exciting news soon.

Listen to Museum of Light's New Song "Soft Openings." Pre-orders Available Now! April 7, 2022

Museum of Light's debut record, Horizon, pulls between two poles: big, crushing, overwhelmingly heavy riffs and dreamy, Zen-like washes of ambience and found sound. Horizon is a lush, dense, and cinematic record, but without the self-seriousness and lack of restraint that underscores many other releases within the genre. In a time where there are truly no restrictions to music, both in content and approach, the addition by subtraction philosophy brings a different type of gravity to the listening experience. The challenge of exercising restraint and employing elements of simplicity makes every moment of Horizon meaningful -- there is not a wasted note nor an expendable moment.

If you’re looking for a soft, introspective soundtrack that still delivers doom riffs, you’re in luck with the new single “Soft Openings.” Listen to the world premiere at Decibel and pre-save / pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of the song now (plus two bonus tracks).

Curious Minds: John Reed from Rip Room March 30, 2022

Photo Credit: Dan Lurie

Sometimes the easiest way to understand the present is to take a long, hard look at the past. Such is the case with music as well and the best way to attempt to put your finger on Rip Room's sound is to trace the twisting and turning musical path that it took to get here. Enter guitarist / vocalist John Reed. We asked John to cite some key musical inspirators and the result is a fascinating playlist that spans decades, while also making it abundantly clear how the band's musical leanings took root. Check out the full playlist and follow along on Spotify. Look for Rip Room's debut album Alight and Resound out everywhere on May 27th. Take it away John...

Putting together this playlist was a fun thought experiment, to say the least. Of course no one makes art in a vacuum, but before doing this, at least a few of the bands on this list I would have never thought of as a direct influence on my songwriting. Then Rip Room started playing shows and afterwards we’d hear things like, “that riff reminded me of so-and-so” or “you sound like this band crossed with that band” and I started thinking hard about what influences me. It’s incredibly humbling to hear a person tell you your band sounds like Fugazi — who doesn’t want that? — but there’s also an equal part of denial (we aren’t that good, come on!) and/or embarrassment (did I completely rip off this band that I admire so much?) but at the end of the day it’s important to appreciate and meditate on all the creativity and hard work (because yes, it’s hard work) that came before you. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I do.

Mary Timony Band - Curious Minds

Mary Timony's songwriting is so adventurous, and this song in particular has so much going on. Power-pop hook leads to prog break leads to spaced-out bridge and back to prog outro, all in four minutes? The best.

Fugazi - Epic Problem

Aside from the fact that this song absolutely crushes, I love that Ian MacKaye never shies away from getting personal in his lyrics, and he somehow does it while still staying oblique enough to keep things interesting.

Unwound - Demolished

There’s always been something spooky to me about Unwound. Like in the way that I imagine black metal bands want you to feel. The guitar break at around 1:30 comes out of nowhere and is so ghoulish in its simplicity that it’s hard for me to not put this song on repeat whenever it pops up.

Bellini - Rut Row

The band, not the drink, ya dummy! The riff, the weird breaks, and Giovanna Cacciola’s vocals are all so intense on this note-y mess of a song, it reminds me that sometimes more is more.

Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea From Our Government

This song is fun and pissed off all at once, and just when things really get going, the song breaks down into chaos and then just stops. It’s so decisive and restrained and it makes me feel like two minutes is the longest a song should ever be.

Slant 6 - Babydoll

Rip Room started out trying to imitate the Casual Dots, but it turns out I can’t sing. I can still hear some of Christina Billotte’s Slant 6-era guitar influence in our songs, though.

Man or Astro-Man? - Interstellar Hardrive

I love this band so much. Seeing them as a kid (I wanna say I first saw them when I was 15?) in the 90s blew my mind … probably the reason why I still don’t fuck around with chords if I don’t need to.

Minutemen - Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing

Hard to pick just one Minutemen tune to draw a line back to, and I’m not sure that line even exists. D. Boon’s lyrics and vocal cadence always surprise me, but his earnestness doesn’t, and this song is equal parts thoughtful and hilarious to me.

This Heat - Horizontal Hold

Whoa. This song. What the heck? I always try to add one unexpected moment to every song I write because This Heat showed us all how to do it with this jam. No more excuses!

Yoko Ono - Why

Yoko Ono didn’t “break up” anything, and you’re an idiot (at best) if you think she did. Sure, I guess some people talk about their “personal taste” or whatever but Yoko’s vocals are way beyond incredible, Klaus Voormann and Ringo are super funky, and even John Lennon sounds like Arto Lindsay seven years before DNA here.

DEVO - Uncontrollable Urge

I’m such a sucker for staccato vocals and long guitar build-ups, and this song is full of ‘em. Fans of our back catalog may even hear some inspiration from one of the backing vocals on the chorus of this banger.

The Raincoats - Off Duty Trip

I love how effortlessly this song moves between its seemingly disparate parts. If you needed evidence that changing tempo or mood mid-song is a good idea, this is it.

Karate - Diazapam

Geoff Farina’s vocal delivery on this song is so cold and matter-of-fact, something I feel like I’m always trying to emulate. A good friend of mine once described my vocal style as “angry principal” and this song makes me feel like I’m sitting in the office awaiting punishment.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Wawa

The minimal, repeating bass and squirrelly guitar are so infectious and proof that you only need a few bass notes and a funky drummer to have a sick song. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Welcome Museum of Light to the Spartan Family! Debut Album "Horizon" Out June 10th March 23, 2022

Welcome Seattle’s Museum of Light to the Spartan Family! We’re thrilled to release the band’s debut album Horizon on June 10th. The trio (which notably includes Rob Smith of Traindodge on drums) expertly balances the opposing worlds of heavy and ambient music; equal parts big, crushing, overwhelmingly heavy riffs and dreamy, zen-like washes of ambience and found sound.

Guitarist, vocalist Ted Alvarez explains,

"Those would seem to be incompatible, but the more we played, the more we realized those two things could mesh, and could be incredibly appealing to us. For us, both are coming from places of joy, pleasure, and serenity as opposed to anger or rage. Don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of wonderful aggressive music that comes from those places. But there sure is a lot of it already. This stuff should be a release to listen to and certainly to play, and that’s ultimately a positive vibe."

Horizon was recorded at Sharkbite Studios and Anti-Sleep Studios in Oakland, CA with Kowloon Walled City's Scott Evans (Thrice, Heiress, Thou, Sleep). Look for for the first single "Soft Openings" to be released in early April and pre-save Horizon to be the first to hear it on June 10th. In the meantime, get acquainted with the band by downloading their 2021 2-song single for free on Bandcamp.

Watch Rip Room's New Music Video for "Worth Repeating" at The Alternative March 9, 2022

We're excited to premiere Rip Room's new music video for "Worth Repeating" off the band's forthcoming debut album Alight and Resound out May 27th.

Vocalist/guitarist John Reed says,

"Shot in the midst of the pandemic, we found ourselves in a clandestine location with a rough plan and more than a few worries. The song is about the world falling apart, so it felt right to shoot in the woods — ominous and sinister, but maybe the safest place to be. By the end of a long evening, our director (and dear friend Josh Johnson) had captured the weird energy that had been following us the past year and, in retrospect, shooting the video provided some much-needed momentum during a dark time.”

Stream two singles from the album now everywhere you listen to music here and get an instant download when you pre-order Alight and Resound on three stunning limited edition vinyl variants.

New Rip Room Single "Complication" Available Now March 5, 2022

Rip Room's new single “Complication” is available now! Check it out everywhere you listen to music and enter to win a super rare test pressing of the band’s new album Alight and Resound here. Get an instant download of two songs now when you pre-order the album on epic limited edition vinyl.