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"The Sound We're Making" (Free Digital Sampler) SPAR010


The first ever free Spartan Records sampler, "The Sound We're Making," includes 10 tracks - one from each Spartan release to date, including songs from Schematic, Over the Ocean, Daisyhead, Shy, Low, Waypoint, and more.


  1. Schematic - Stand
  2. Daisyhead - I Couldn't Face You
  3. Over the Ocean - Arguing Philosophies
  4. Waypoint - Solus
  5. Shy, Low - Presence
  6. Ourlives - Out of Place
  7. Mae - Embers And Envelopes
  8. Over the Ocean - Everything Will Change
  9. Anchor & Braille - Sound Asleep
  10. Sky's The Limit - A Song For Kate