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Barren Womb - "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken" SPAR012


The sun's not yellow, it's chicken is the first full-length album from Norwegian noise mongers Barren Womb. After a handful of successful singles and EP's, the duo have already established their vicious blend of hardcore, black metal, country and rock 'n' roll. From the first jangly chords of opener "Kill Hicks" it quickly becomes apparent how much the band has grown since these first efforts. Broader dynamics, more focused songwriting and heavier sounding, topped off with the bleakest lyrics they've written to date. Recorded by Ole Spangrud of Mørkemakt and mixed by the band themselves, The sun's not yellow, it's chicken features 13 blisteringly honest noise punk ditties, all set in the key of apocalypse.

All orders come with an instant digital download of "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken."


  1. Kill Hicks
  2. Will you be God's art or Satan's graffiti
  3. Evil prevails
  4. Only Rain Man doesn't change
  5. Nábrók
  6. Obi-Wan Chernobyl
  7. From robot jobs to robot homes
  8. Live fast, die.
  9. Bong Aqua
  10. Zombies never go out of style
  11. Assmasters of reality
  12. Nexus Diplomis
  13. Segway to heaven
  14. Will you be God's art or Satan's graffiti (Tryne dett Remix) (Bonus Track)
Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

* "Frog's Eye" (Yellow with Black Stripe) (100) - SOLD OUT
* Custom Purple (200)
* Clear with Yellow, Custom Purple, White, and Black Splatter (200)

Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverse board with white vinyl sleeves.

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