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Kind of Awesome - A Spartan Records Sampler SPAR030


At Spartan, music is our life. Founded in Seattle, WA in 2013 as a grassroots, boutique label, we’re 100% fueled by a passion for our artists and their music. Our goal is to help artists create and share their art - and through that process, we hope to help facilitate "moments" that transcend everything that divides us. We believe in the power of music to move us -- to inspire and change lives. With a current roster of over 15 bands from around the world, our artists encompass a wide variety of genres from indie rock to post-rock to noisepunk and everywhere in between. We’re proud to celebrate everywhere we've been and everywhere we’re going with our 30th official release, a new 20-track label sampler. We’re excited to share our musical universe with you and invite you to come along for the ride. So far, it’s been kind of awesome.


  1. Ourlives - Blissful Ignorance
  2. My God, It's Full of Stars - Lightness of Being
  3. Kiska - Conjuror
  4. Secret Stuff - I Knew You So Briefly, You Dead Soap Dog
  5. Barren Womb - White raven
  6. Lucky Scars - All Lies
  7. Sullivan - What's Good For The King
  8. Schematic - All The Birds Are Singing
  9. The Foxery - Broken Vessels
  10. Trespassers - Thereafter
  11. Young Fox - The Answer
  12. Demons - Parallel Lines
  13. Waypoint - Translation
  14. Daisyhead - Numbing Truth
  15. Unifier - Break
  16. Renaissance Fair - I Hope You're Doing Well
  17. Mae - Skyline Drive 3.0
  18. NYVES - Just Give Up
  19. Shy, Low - Nostos
  20. Over the Ocean - Riverbed