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Desoto Jones - "Shapeshifter" LP
$7.99 - $19.99

  • Desoto Jones -

Desoto Jones - "Shapeshifter" LP
$7.99 - $19.99

Rock and Roll is still very much alive. You can feel it in the raw energy of Desoto Jones, a band which blends contemporary sound with the roots of American Rock. The ragged intensity of Desoto Jones is reminiscent of the early days of grunge and alternative, but is also pleasantly sophisticated; the band skillfully fuses ear-grabbing melodies with soulful, introspective lyrics. Their music is an inquest of candid expression, but the band doesn't try to wax philosophic; its lyrics grow from real, relatable experiences. On the band's final album, Shapeshifter, there are no bells or whistles, no dance beats, and no synthesizers to add artificial flourishes to the band’s straightforward delivery. With guitars, bass, drums and soaring vocals, it’s just straight-up rock music.

Track Listing

  1. A.M. Specter
  2. Envious
  3. I Believe
  4. So Tired
  5. Slingshot
  6. Wayside
  7. No End
  8. Separation
  9. Alone At Lakeview
  10. Raised In Wreckage
  11. Tether
  12. Shapeshifter

Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.