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Mae - (m)(a)(e) 3xLP Vinyl


(m)(a)(e) is the remixed, remastered, and reimagined trilogy of EPs from Mae's 2009 non-profit charitable campaign. Available for the first time ever on limited edition 3xLP format. All orders include an instant high quality download of (m)(a)(e).


  1. Good (M)orning
  2. The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)
  3. The House That Fire Built
  4. Boomerang - Two Birds
  5. A Melody, The Memory
  6. Night Day
  7. Over & Over
  8. The Fight Song (Crash and Burn)
  9. In Pieces
  10. The Cure
  11. Falling Into You
  12. Communication
  13. Bloom
  14. I Just Needed You To Know
  15. My Favorite Dream
  16. Sleep Well
  17. Seasons