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Anakin - "Random Accessed Memories" LP
$19.99 - $34.99

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Anakin - "Random Accessed Memories" LP
$19.99 - $34.99

Item unavailable? Notify me if it comes back in stock.

Random Accessed Memories is a stunning, lost-in-space love letter that swells and blooms, while simultaneously rocking balls. Anakin immediately introduce what you are in for with this record; pile driving power chords that slam away at a point over a driven, directive rhythm section. The vocal delivery is gentle and pointedly direct. Simple, pure, and heartfelt from the very start. The message is reflected through the record in tone and delivery. The record travels at light speed across soundscapes that are so patient and introspective, so perfectly punctuated with impacting drum fills and keyboard melodies, with HUGE guitar lines that hold their foot steadily on the accelerator while the rhythm section maintains total control. When the band does decide to break loose into a chorus or accent mark the speakers absolutely burst with fuzzy, awesome, star exploding moments. I haven’t heard a band that can deliver fretted harmonic melodies like this since HUM. Keyboard themes run though songs that are reminiscent of The Rentals debut album. Also in the Weezer family of song writing, Anakin busts out some of the best use of proper power chords with the lower 4th included and spider chords I’ve ever heard. Ever. I only invoke Weezer because these guys have put the Blue Record to shame. Random Accessed Memories is a heavily delicate piece of work. - Matt Armstrong

Track Listing

  1. Action-Reaction
  2. All Systems Go
  3. Send Receive
  4. Magnified
  5. Abort.Retry.Fail
  6. The Departure
  7. Disconnect
  8. Constellations
  9. Runtime Error
  10. End Transmission

Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• Clear (300)
• Translucent Red (150)
• "Hypersp@ce" (50) - SOLD OUT

This is a pre-order item and is scheduled to ship June 2017. All orders come with an instant high-quality download of Randomed Accessed Memories.

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