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Subways on the Sun - "The Honeymoon Stagecoach"

  • Subways on the Sun -
  • Subways on the Sun -

Subways on the Sun - "The Honeymoon Stagecoach"

Hailing from Seattle, Subways on the Sun brings an informed and fresh perspective to northwest indie rock. With The Honeymoon Stagecoach, the band "crafted an immaculately-arranged and satisfying debut album that pays homage to both their hometown and the decade in which it became ground zero for rock" (The Fire Note). Haunting rhythms and glistening guitar hooks propel the album forward, bound together by contagious pop melodies. The album sees the band effortlessly merging the dark groove of Silversun Pickups, power pop of The Posies, and tongue-in-cheek quirk of Built to Spill and Blur create a cohesive debut that impresses and inspires. Re-board The Honeymoon Stagecoach now on Spartan Records.

Track Listing

  1. The Honeymoon Stagecoach
  2. In A Dead Room
  3. Electric Eyes
  4. My Split Mind
  5. Sincerely I'm Alright
  6. Helpless Anymore
  7. Softer Light
  8. Paid For
  9. Stop My Running
  10. The Night We Fell Down