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Over the Ocean - "Be Given to the Soil"April 30, 2013 · Spartan Records · SPAR006

From the very beginning, Over the Ocean set out to create music that stops listeners in their tracks. Listening to the band's new album, Be Given to the Soil, is as if you were sitting in a room watching them sweat out every ounce of passion that was poured tirelessly into each song. Thematically and musically, the arrangements are darker, heavier and sparse at points than the band's previous effort, all the while delivering the same level of lyrical complexity that fans grew to love on their debut. Be Given to the Soil swan dives right into the soul, plunging the unexplained inner depths of the human condition. From start to finish the record offers raw, gut-wrenching wrestling with the eternal. Each song proclaims the loudness of humanity’s inner life – truth, doubt and struggle wrapped up in a disturbingly clear package.

Mae - "Destination: Beautiful" LPMay 15, 2012 · Spartan Records · SPAR005

With subtle beauty and lush instrumentation, Mae burst onto the scene in 2003 with the kind of maturity and distinction that had been so absent in a swarm of bands of the oblique and generic post-emo convention. Utilizing varied soundscapes beneath their crisp, driving melodies, Mae's introduction immediately appealed to those longing for musical depth and substance, painstaking detail, and a collaboration of delicate art and head-nodding rock. "Destination: Beautiful" became an instant classic and is now available in limited quantity for the first time ever on vinyl.

Ourlives - "Out of Place"November 29, 2011 · Spartan Records · SPAR004

Ourlives are an explosive, emotive, expansive four-piece, poised and ready at the start of their music recording lives; a band clearly capable of making powerful forward-looking, life-touching music. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, the music they make is a dramatic crossover hybrid of melodic intelligent progressive post-rock and warm powerful emotional pop rock. Ourlives are not afraid to play with the warmth of old-school guitars, or with the analogue dust of keyboards, or with the power of silence and the strength that can be found in their harmonious vocals. Neither are they a band afraid of soothing, soaring melodies, of emotional choruses and the idea that less is often so much more. The foursome are fusing their ambitious ideas together to produce a sound that's as potentially epic as their Icelandic landscape without ever losing sight of the power and strength of pop and the art of keeping it simple.

Over the Ocean - "Paper House"July 26, 2011 · Spartan Records · SPAR003

Over the Oceans's debut album, Paper House, is a refreshing and dynamic collection of original and inspired songs. During the album's quieter moments, you will suddenly find yourself within a moment of introspection - then a moment later, the climactic swell of big guitars, bombastic drums, and vocals will blanket your arms with goosebumps. Over the Ocean's sonic landscape is sprinkled with feedback, distortion, echo, and dissonance - but the sum of those things is a beautiful and memorable collection of songs. Fans of bands like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, mewithoutYou, Sigur Rós, and Appleseed Cast will undoubtedly appreciate the band's sound.

Sky's The Limit - "Sky's The Limit"October 5, 2010 · Spartan Records · SPAR002

Before Mae, there was Sky's The Limit. Originally released in 2001, but shortly thereafter out of print, Sky's The Limit was the first band of Mae frontman and chief songwriter, Dave Elkins. The record is an especially essential listen for fans of Mae and also fans of the mid-late 90's emo sound of bands like Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Hum, and others. Shortly after the disbanding of Sky's The Limit, Dave went on to record Mae's "Destination: Beautiful."

Anchor & Braille - "Sound Asleep" / "Wedding/Funeral" 7"January 23, 2007 · Spartan/Woodwater Records · SPAR001

Limited edition, colored vinyl from Anchor & Braille. Includes the songs "Sound Asleep" and "Wedding/Funeral". Anchor & Braille is: Christian, Marsh, Bucklew, Louis, Becker, Pimberly, Reid, Lux, Harben.